Broadband in Denmark - The Best and Cheapest Providers [2024]

Broadband in Denmark

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Broadband in Denmark

Denmark is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to broadband, where you can get fast broadband at a good price.

Over 90% of Danish households can get broadband through coax/kabel-tv with a minimum 100 mbit. speed and over 80% can get internet through fiber, which is faster and more stable.

All Danish households can get 4G internet through the mobile network, and in the bigger cities they can often get 5G.

There can be a big difference between the broadband providers, when it comes to speed, price and customer service. So we have made this guide so it is easy for you to pick. 

Best broadband in Denmark 2024

To make it easy for you to pick, we have found the best broadband providers in the different categories.

Best broadband - Hiper
Hiper is the best allround broadband when we compare speed, network and prices.

Fastest broadband - Fastspeed
Fastspeed was in 2021 the 2. fastest broadband provider in the world.

Cheapest broadband provider - Jetnet
Jetnet has the best prices both in the short and long term in Denmark.

Best mobile broadband - Oister
Oister has the best offer when it comes to price and product.

You can't just pick the internet provider you want in Denmark, because they are not delivering broadband on all addresses.    

How to Choose the right broadband

When you are going to pick a broadband, you have to look at the 3 most important things.

  • Broadband type
  • Broadband price
  • Broadband speed

Type: It is important you dont pick a broadband from adsl (Telephone plug). Broadband through coax or fiber is much better and if you can't get that, go for mobile broadband.

Price: Compare the prices in our feed further down in the guide. Put in your address and see what prices you can get.

Speed: It is important that you pick a broadband which is fast enough for your needs, otherwise you're gonna regret it. We have made some small examples under here to help you.

  1. If you are one person who just surf on the internet and watches Netflix, you don't need more than 100 mbit.
  2. If you are more than one person and use more than one streaming service at a time, we recommend a minimum of 300 mbit.
  3. If you are more than one person and is gaming and using streaming services at one time, then we recommend 500 - 1000 mbit. 

Compare broadband providers

Before you compare broadband providers, speed and prices, it is important that you enter your address, so you only see the broadband offers and price you can get.

Provider Speed Price
Jetnet 300 Mbit 269 kr. Gå til udbyder
Hiper 1000 Mbit 199 kr. Gå til udbyder
Fastspeed 1000 Mbit 198 kr. Gå til udbyder
Norlys 1000 Mbit 0 kr. Gå til udbyder
Jetnet 1000 Mbit 289 kr. Gå til udbyder
Telia 1000 Mbit 199 kr. Gå til udbyder

Check which provider you can get here. (Put in your address)

If you have never ordered a broadband before or have just moved to Denmark, then we have some important things you need to have or need to do, before you can order.

What do you need before you order

There are 5 things you need to have in order, before you can order a broadband subscription.

  • CPR number
  • MitID
  • Danish address
  • Danish payment card
  • Danish phone number

You can find different guides on this process and they do not all recommend the same order you should do this in. Some say you need a Danish address to get a CPR number and some say you need CPR to register an address.

The right advice is to go to the local (Borgerservice) and ask about the process. It is also a good idea for the future to learn danish, through an "danskuddannelse". Being able to speak and read danish will make the process much easier.


How to get internet fast? Se mere

If you need internet fast and do not have time for waiting on a broadband provider to deliver the product, then we will recommend buying a mobile broadband with an included router. You can get it for a good price, and if you pick one “without binding” then you can send it back when your Broadband is up and running.

How fast can I get broadband? Se mere

In Denmark you can normally get broadband pretty fast, but it depends on your order. If your order is broadband with coax 300 mbits and less, then the providers can send it right away and you can set it up easily. But if you need more than 300 mbits, then you in some situations need a technician to change your plug, but you can have 300 mbit until they have time. You can get fiber right away if it is set up inside the house, but it will take a long time if it not.

How to find a mobile provider?  Se mere

If you need a Danish mobile provider, then we recommend our good friends from who can give you a good overview on the Danish mobile subscription market.

How fast is my broadband? Se mere

If you want to know how fast your broadband is, then you can use our speedtest. There we will show your download and upload speed so you can check if you get what you pay for.

Are there many internet providers in Denmark? Se mere

There are a lot of internet providers in Denmark but there are not so many that you can't get an overview. We have a list of the biggest and best internet providers here.  

Who is the best internet provider in Denmark? Se mere

Waoo have for 10 years won the prize for best fibernet provider in Denmark by the users, but they only deliver fiber internet in Denmark. In 2021 Fastspeed were the second fastest internet provider in the world, so they are also a good candidate.

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